Utility Location - Potholing                                                                    

TerraVac Vacuum Excavation specialises in ‘open hole’ type excavations for locating the existence of services - otherwise known as 'Potholing' or 'Grade A location'.

Potholing allows the physical locating of underground services and utilities to confirm location or facilitate access for maintenance or repair of pipes, conduits, cables or pits.  Potholing is also used to trace services, known or unknown to determine source, route and end point for correct service mapping.

Markers can be placed directly above the service indicating the type of service and the depth. Keep in mind that certain Service Providers require Potholing (Class A Locate) when working in the vacinity of thir service since maps may be very inaccurate, or may be missing entirely. 

Subsurface Utility Location and Potholing are often used in conjunction with one another, this allows us to determine the relative spatial location of subsurface utilities prior to Potholing to aid in tracing and improve overall efficiency of locates. Please see our Subsurface Utility Location page for more details.

TerraVac Vacuum Excavation's safe, non-destructive excavation techniques are perfect for potholing to physically identify the location and the type of utilities hidden beneath construction projects – enabling our clients to make informed decisions regarding site works with A Grade Locates (AS 588-2013)

Potholing is the only way to positively and safely identify a buried asset

 Don’t risk a strike!!