Non Destructive Digging (NDD)

Vacuum Excavation (also referred to as Non Destructive Digging or Hydro Excavation) techniques are widely accepted as the safest way to expose or excavate around underground services, such as electrical and communication cables, water, gas, storm water and sewerage pipe work.

TerraVac Vacuum Excavation's non-destructive method of digging ensures minimal risk of damage to buried assets, compared to mechanical excavators which can easily damage existing underground services.  TerraVac Vacuum Excavation provides a risk free means of safely exposing underground cables and pipes which often run in different directions at various depths  

TerraVac’s truck mounted vacuum units transfer the spoils directly into the spoils tank of the unit with no unsightly piles of dirt in the work area.  No machinery tracking back and forth means minimal ground disturbance to the site surrounds, results in a minimal footprint on the work area and minimizing restrictions to access and egress.   TerraVac can also trench through and around heritage listed and/or protected flora area without damage to major root systems or unnecessary damage to lawns and plant life.

        Don’t risk striking underground assets!