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TerraVac Vacuum Excavation is a leader in the supply of non-destructive excavation services in Western Australia. Vacuum Excavation (sometimes referred to as Hydro Excavation) is one of the safest methods of excavation developed allowing for the excavation or exposure of a of range structures and infrastructure without affecting its integrity or the safety of the personnel surrounding it, with minimal impact on the environment - our number one priority is safety in all aspects of any project.  

What is Vacuum Excavation?

TerraVac’s Vacuum Excavators are unique and versatile self-contained units which utilise a powerful vacuum system in combination with regulated high pressure water lance fitted with a special turbo type nozzle, which uses water to loosen earth and create a wet spoil, while leaving underground assets undisturbed.  The vacuum hose is placed over the position to be excavated and the spoil is simultaneously vacuumed up through the vacuum hose, and deposited directly into a holding tank on the vacuum unit, leaving the excavation area clean.  Vacuum excavation enables precise and accurate digging as the operator can utilise the high pressure water lance and vacuum hose to cut and shape the excavation site to suit the most delicate of requirements, ensuring minimal risk to any service or asset.

Our Vacuum Excavation Services:



  • For location and/or installation of underground services
  • Trenching across conflicting underground services: electrical, gas, water, communications, reticulation etc
  • Trenching to install earth cabling to solar panels
  • Tree root barrier installation
Trenching Earth Cabling Remote Mine Site

Potholing - Underground Service Location

  • Physically locating underground services and utilities - to confirm location or facilitate access for maintenance of pipes, cables or pits
  • Utility location - tracing of services, known or unknown, to determine source, route and end for correct mapping
  • Vacuum excavation for pit and pipe location and remediation

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Precision Excavation

  • Signpost, light pole and bollard holes
  • Holes for rag cage or rag bolt assemblies
  • Trenches and holes for footings
  • Pit installations – soak well, storm water, service pits
  • Holes and trenches for anode installation
  • Vacuum excavate around tree stump removal
  • Vacuum excavate in and around heritage listed trees with minimal disturbance to the root system or unnecessary damage to lawns and plant life.


Installing Pits - Limited Disturbance






Subsurface Utility Location

  • Using EMI (electromagnetic induction) and GPR (ground penetrating radar) to locate underground services, then potholing to positively identify and acquire exact depth.
  • Using Electronic Service Location techniques alongside our Vacuum Excavation units improves overall efficiency dramatically when looking for services, saving our clients time and money.
 TerraVac GPR Undergound Utility Location - Ground Penetrating Radar


Jetting and Cleaning of Pipes, Pits and Tanks

  • Jetting/cleaning pipework and conduits
  • Cleaning out storm water pits, gully pits, soak wells, service and utility pits
  • Valve box cleaning
  • Cleaning or removal of material, wet or dry, from storage bins, tanks, hoppers etc – sand, grain, ballast, mud, mineral, garnet
  • Removal of mud from Horizontal Directional Drilling HDD drilling pits

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Cable Hauling

  • Feeding pull rope or pilot rope through conduits using vacuum.
  • Parachuting ropes through the ducts (long hauls)  of communications pits using vacuum extraction.
 Trenching Cable Installation Remote Mine Site

Excavating in Confined Space or Limited Access Areas

  • Telecommunications cabling through courtyards and walkways.
  • Shade sail footings in courtyards
  • Sign hole footings on verge
  • Cleaning or removal of sand, grain, mud, mineral, ballast etc from storage bins, tanks, hoppers 
  • Removal of materials from inside buildings and backyards
  • Internal excavations in buildings or tanks
  • Access hard to reach areas
  • Vacuum excavate a swimming pool or spa hole in areas that don’t allow machine access

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Confined Space - Fisheries






Service Pit Installation and Cleaning 

  • Installation and clean out of electrical or telecommunications service pits and conduits or ducts.
  • Vacuum excavate and jet to flush new sewer pits and lines for inspection

Vacuum Loading 

  • Drillers mud
  • Soil
  • Grain
  • Ballast
  • Mineral sands
  • Garnet

Storm Water Pits and Soak Wells

  •  Installation and clean out of storm water pits & soak wells
  •  Jetting and vacuum excavation of storm water and virgin sewerage systems for inspection