Why Use TerraVac Vacuum Excavation?


1. TerraVac Vacuum Excavation utilises a clean method of excavation that is environmentally friendly, non-invasive and non-destructive

 Environmentally friendly - trenching around tree roots to install electrical cable - minimal disturbance to vegetation

  • TerraVac uses innovative vacuum excavation technology to provide WA with safe and efficient, non-destructive, none invasive excavation services
  • TerraVac’s method of Vacuum Excavation involves no tracking back & forward like convention excavators, which means there is minimal ground disturbance to site surrounds
  • With spoils transferred directly into our unit, vacuum excavation leaves no unsightly piles of dirt in the work area
  • TerraVac can trench through and around heritage listed and/or protected flora areas without damage to major root systems


2. TerraVac Vacuum Excavation eliminates putting lives and assets at risk when excavating

  • TerraVac’s operators can safely expose and identify underground cables and pipes often running in different directions, at various depths without risk of a ‘strike’ or damage
  • In situations where there are no plans or only partial site information, mechanical excavators can easily damage existing underground services, something vacuum excavation easily avoids. 
  • ‘Safety First’ focus of all building sites means traditional excavation methods carries risks and requires a ‘Go Slow’ process that costs unnecessary time and money when compared to vacuum excavation
  • TerraVac Vacuum Excavation is always the safest solution for any excavation needs


3. TerraVac Vacuum Excavation is able to access areas of confined space or restricted access

Removal Of sand from bore water filters

  • TerraVac can operate safely in confined spaces such as tight corners, under/inside buildings or tanks, underground pits, small backyards/courtyards
  • TerraVac is perfect for restricted access locations such as steep inclines, highly congested building or traffic areas, or areas with overhead obstructions
  • Our units can excavate up to 60 metres from the vacuum unit, allowing access to areas were traditional excavation machinery cannot obtain access
  • A Vacuum Excavation unit is far more efficient and economical alternative to using manual labour for restricted access or confined space excavation



4. TerraVac can execute precision excavation to create precise trenches or holes

Heritage Listed Trees - Perry Lakes
  • Our Vacuum Excavation system can be used to install service pits, soak wells, rag cage assemblies, lamp posts, signs, power poles, bollards and fence posts
  • TerraVac can also be used for tree planting/root barriers, tunnelling under footpaths, driveways, walls, and slabs with limited disturbance the surrounding area
  • Vacuum Excavation provides multiple civil engineering solutions from one wet hire service, meaning you deal with less individual contractors, less invoices, less contractor time on site and better overall value


5. TerraVac Vacuum Excavation is a professional, reputable Western Australian company

  • TerraVac’s superior Vacuum Excavation units are Australian designed and built for Australian conditions 
  • We are a Western Australian owned and operated company established in 2009
  • TerraVac only employs trained and experienced operators and we apply the highest health, safety and environmental standards to all work activities 
  • TerraVac Vacuum Excavation’s conscientious and skilled operators offer a professional and reliable service 
  • TerraVac is dedicated to providing WA with a safe, precise and cost effective alternative to conventional mechanical excavation methods.